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Conventional agriculture production has been applied through heavy reliance on non-renewable resources (mechanization, fertilizers, pesticides etc.) resulting in numerous agricultural burdens such as soil degradation, water run-off, pollution, reduced biodiversity and landscape image and escalating production costs. Public awareness of the irreversible damage done to the environment has led to calls for a more responsible attitude towards our natural heritage. The overall aim of Organic.Mednet Project is to facilitate the transfer of innovative training practices and e-learning content to vocational education of young and unemployed agricultural professionals, as well as to agricultural professionals.

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27 January 2011

Hoy jueves comenzamos el tercero y último de los cursos piloto de formación para agricultores profesionales, asesores y capacitadores.

12 November 2010

Dear learner,

Thank you for your participation in this course. Please complete this evaluation. Your answers will help to improve the results of the Organic.Mednet project, which promotes the training course that you have just followed. Your participation is of great importance, and we will treat all your answers as strictly confidential.

You may find the evaluation forms in the following links:

Evaluation in English

Evaluation in Turkish


16 March 2010

Setup of the Organic Mednet educational site is completed and is now operational.

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